The Utah Seismic Safety Commission (USSC) was created in 1995 for the purposes of advising the state on issues relating to earthquake safety. Its’ history and formation is chronicled in a paper by Elliot Mittler and the various Strategic Plans are linked through the buttons above. A brief description of each is given below:

Mittler Paper:

This paper, tilled “A Case Study of the Reestablishment of a Utah Seismic Safety Commission”, was published December 6, 1998 Natural Hazards Research Working Paper #101.



Plan 1994:

The original report for the commission titled “A Strategic Plan for Earthquake Safety in Utah” was published in January 1995. It provides the fundamental outline for seismic safety in the state of Utah.



Plan 1996:

This was the first update to the original plan and was titled “A Progress Report on Activities for the Period July 1994 - June 1996”. Published in 1996 it is a compilation of the work done during that period and an update  of the various strategies



Plan 2000:

A current report of the commission dated December 2000. This reports on progress and further refines the goals and vision of the commission.