About Us

BHW Engineers has been providing Structural Engineering service since our founding in 1980. It is our mission to provide quality structural consulting services which improve the building experience.  We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to work with our clients and anticipate the project needs.

Company Management Profile

Barry H. Welliver is the principal owner.


Barry H. Welliver has been involved in structural engineering since 1973. Moving from the state of Connecticut to pursue an interest in earthquake engineering, he chose California as his classroom. There he worked for several prominent firms before establishing his own private practice in 1979. After twenty two years of residency, he moved with his family to Utah where he presently has a growing practice while maintaining his California office.

He has been actively involved in the Structural Engineers Associations of California and Utah serving on and chairing several committees. His interests in seismic engineering lead to involvement with the Utah Seismic Safety Commission (USSC) beginning in 1996 as an observer and later as delegate commissioner for the Structural Engineers Association of Utah.

Barry has been an advocate for seismic improvements in older existing hazardous buildings and currently is chairman of the USSC.

Paul Pieri has been with the company since its’ inception and serves as Project Engineer and Manager of the California office.